The countdown is started for “The Event” of the year!

On the 23.11.2018 at 00:00 a.m. will start the long-awaited Black Friday, a worldwide event that offers discounts and sales on-line and in-store. The event could’t be miss for those who, like us, have HIPsteria – Histerical Syndrome for Fashion! We are sure that all the Fashion Victim like us are excited for this Black Friday, because we can buy the most fashionable clothes with a reduce price. Everybody are in love with discounts, especially in the Christmas season, because we can find great offerts and buy perfect Christmas presents! A.A.A. The electronic’s world joins this initiative too: is the perfect time to buy a new TV, a new PC, a new smartphone and more… Black Friday will during the whole weekend and will finish on the 26th of November ’18 with the Cyber ​​Monday.

Obviously we are ready for this Black Friday: we prepared a perfect Wish List (of course BLACK!) based on the actual trends!

#1. Black Over Knee Bootswith or without high heels, the Over Knee Boots are a must for this season and cannot be absolutely missing! Perfect for day and evening, with mini shorts, mini dresses or leggins. They are an absolutely feminine, sensual and charming accessory! Many stores have them, so it’s easy to find it in-store or on the web.

#2. Black Vinyl: unconventional trend and not easy to wear, but we think we have to risk to be stylish! Vinyl Trend is rock and transgressive and we are madly in love with it. On you can find a wide selection of clothes and accessories in vinyl! What do you think about it?

#3. Black Velvet: Precious and sophisticated, the velvet is perfect for dresses and others elegant outfits to wear on specials occasions. What should we buy on the Black Friday? The Black Velvet Tuxedo in sensational, and of course the King of the Tuxedo is by Armani! The waist-tied fitted Blazer from the Emporio Armani Collection is our favorite, we find it absolutly amazing!

#4. Black Fragrance: when we think about a black fragrance, we obviously think about Black Opium, one of the must by Yves Saint Laurent. Sephora started the countdown for the Black Friday… Will we find it among the items in promotion? We hope so!

#5. Cyber Blackthe big Apple participates at the initiative. STOP. We don’t know yet which items will be in promotion. STOP. We just have to wait. OVER AND OUT!

For today is everything here. We are curious to know what you will buy during the Black Friday.

See you soon, myHIPsteria


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15 thoughts on “BLACK TO BLACK (Friday!)”

  1. Quando arriva il Blak Friday sono sempre indecisa sui miei acquisti, mi confondo sempre dal troppo caos, le tue proposte mi piacciono molto ed ho già adocchiato qualcosina di molto interessante!

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