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Last weekend our Serena discovered a great place to have good time with friends or family, and today she wants to introduce it to you. For those who are in Melbourne and surroundings, you must mark this destination on your agenda!

Last weekend I was walking in Chapel Street ,one of the most important shopping, dining and entertainment street in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Chapel St. has myriad shops ranging from exclusive fashion designers’ upmarkets at the South Yarra end to trendy retailers and eateries in Windsor, and just there I found an amazing place to have a great time with friends! ABACUS Bar & Kitchen is an urban oasis that has a simple and genuine culinary offer, completely innovative and that satisfies all tastes. From breakfast to brunch, from happy hour to dinner, Abacus is the ideal answer at any time of the day!

The location is really nice: an industrial open space with a very high ceiling with a central “wooden island” that contains a small “natural oasis” embellished with spherical light points. The environment is spacious and bright, and the atmosphere becomes magical in the evening!

How to define the culinary offer? I would say different, and it makes Abacus unique and special. From the beginning, when you read the menu, you can realize the attention that is in every dish, and everything is exalted by the combination of ingredients, the creativity of the presentation and the simple but rich flavor of the food. Which dish did I try? South Australian Braised Octopus with dry-aged chorizo,torn sourdough, herb oil, goat’s feta and fried egg: it was delicious!

It was a really good experience at Abacus and I will definitely come back there in the future! See you soon! Yours, S.”

For the weekend, S has worn a casual black & white “Parisienne” Outfit, with reddetails and funny accessories! Perfect style to have a good brunch with friends!




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12 thoughts on “ABACUS Bar & Kitchen – A perfect Urban Oasis in Melbourne”

  1. So beautiful you and so beautiful your “french” outfit!!! 😎😍
    Nice place and the food looks very good! 🤩😋
    XoXo, Mimi 😘

  2. I totally agree. I ‘ve been there few times and I was really happy about the food and overall about place that gives to you a sense of harmony and serenity not common to find in the middle of a busy street.

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