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As you already know, October is an important month worldwide, because it represents the prevention from breast cancer. And every year, this particulary time of the year it is possible to count many initiatives that are really close to this purpose.

Fashion and prevention are always linked when it’s time to raise the voice and the attention to such a beautiful purpose like this, because the #girlpower has to be stronger than ever during this month, and we all have to be more sensitive to the research and support it by little gestures.
Let’s see how many brands support the prevention from breast cancer during this month.


1. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has always been a supporter of Breast Cancer awareness: this year the brand has decided to have as main supporter Sofia Vergara, Colombian model and actress. This campaign has the goal to sensitize women about the cancer, support an healthy lifestyle and medical examinations to prevent breast cancer. Two beautiful items: a pink bra and pink underpants for the new limited edition F/W 2018 collection available here.


2. Mango 

Stronger Together is a capsule collection of T-shirts by Mango, one of the most loved low cost brand by women: the 100% of the income will be donated to the Fundación Fero to support the oncological research.



3. Mulac Cosmetics

 #Showyourheart by Mariagrazia Cucinotta for Mulac Cosmetics is a limited edition make up collection by Mulac Cosmetics, which has been shared with Susan G.Komen Italy and the “Donne in Rosa” to support the early diagnosis of the cancer. The collection is composed by two lipsticks, “Miss Grace” and “Lady Mary”, and a blush, “Heartbeat” with the typical pink bow on the pack.





4. Pink Lights 

From 17 to 30th October, the Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper  will be pink thanks to the collaboration between Intesa Sanpaolo and the A.D.O.S. (National Association of Surgical Women who had Breast Cancer). The pink light upon the skyscraper and then on the Mole Antonelliana (on October 30) wants to highlight the importance of prevention of breast cancer with screening programs.



5. Camomilla

Camomilla Italia has always been close to the beautiful progect PINK IS GOOD of the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi. From 13 to 30 October, with the purchase of one of the iconic Camomilla Girl bags, the income will be donated to the foundation to support the health of women.  #CIforPinkisGood




12 thoughts on “PINK October”

  1. October is a very important month to remember that we must do all that we can do to prevent and fight terrible illnesses like breast cancer. There should be more initiatives to remember us the importance of our health.
    Maria Domenica

  2. La prevenzione è fondamentale. Noi donne dovremmo tenerlo sempre presente. Grazie per questo articolo dedicato ad un argomento così importante.

  3. Una bellissima iniziativa con cui mi trovo pienamente in accordo! Tutti dovremmo fare prevenzione, è molto importante. Ottimo articolo complimenti

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