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Topic of today: DIET, one of the most hated word in the world, isn’t it? We know it, most of you people in the north hemisphere are ready to drink hot chocolate and eat pop-corn in front of the tv all fall/winter season long, likes our Mari, but it is not an excuse to be lazy and forget healthy habits. Meantime, our Serena needs to be ready to fit perfectly in shorts, crop-tops and bikinis for the spring/summer season in Australia.

Having an healthy diet is hard but is not impossible and with MyFitnessPal everything is simpler!

How many of you know this app? MyFitnessPal is one of the best apps which incredibly support you during the day and teach you exactely how to eat. Why? Because it gives you exactely the macros which your body needs in order to lose weight, gain muscles or just keep in shape.

The opening screen helps you to set your goal; then it is possible to choose, i.e. if you want to loose weight, how many kgs would you like to lose with a precise count of all the macros your body really needs during the day: which are the most important? Protein, carbs and fats. These three macros help you to introduce in your body what it is required to reach your goal.
It has to be highligted also that all the macros can be modified manually keeping the percentage: i.e. 50% carbs, 20% fats and 30% protein.

MyFitnessPal helps you to understand your habits and also to learn about calorie’s count, nutrition information and more. Counting how many calories you eat everyday helps yourself to don’t exceed with useless extra food and also it’s really simple: you just need to scan anytime the barcode on the pack of the food and insert the portion you eat. In few time, you will learn to match all the macros to have a perfect and healty diet and you can also save meals and recipes, write your own diary with your notes! You can find a lot of interesting tips on the MyFitnessPal Blog about food, sport, and all you need to have the right lifestyle.

MyFitnessPal is by Under Armor, an American company founded in 1996, recognized as the pioneer of a segment of sportswear. Thanks to them to gift us this amazing app and to help us to have an healty and good diet everyday!

Yours, myHIPsteria

Download MyFitnessPal App here or visit www.myfitnesspal.com


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12 thoughts on “Diet: it’s not a problem with MYFITNESSPAL”

    1. Direi molto bene! Ti aiuta a comprendere davvero cosa stai immettendo nel tuo corpo. E’ utilissima sia se vai in palestra o fai sport e segui un regime sano, sia se vuoi semplicememnte iniziare a mangiare bene! Provala e facci sapere 😉

  1. I know the app and I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, it’s really helpful to keep track of calories and exercising, I love it and it’s free!

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