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We would like to ask you something today: What’s your relationship with tv series? Well, by now we know that all the new media services online are always there for us, during a cold night or a lazy sunday.
While we were searching for something new to see, we decided to give a chance to the new tv series by Netflix: ÉLIT∃.
Elite is a 2018 Spanish teen drama crime fiction web television series created and written by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona and directed by Ramón Salazar and Dani de la Orden for Netflix. Here’s the plot:

After their old school is destroyed by an earthquake, three working class friends – Samuel, Nadia and Christian – are given scolarships to study in Las Encinas, the most exclusive private school in Spain, where the elite people of the country send their kids to study. However, the differences between their lifestyles and that of the other kids (all of them rich) will eventually end up in murder.”

First of all it has to be said that all the rumors about a tv series like Gossip Girl are completely wrong, because here we have something different; it’s more like a crime story which includes the life of this teenagers, who live in our society and live all the problems and fears which are typical for a teenager. It seems to be more like Pretty Little Liars in a way, but it cannot be related to any famous tv series about teenage drama or murders.

Great importance has given to drama related to sexuality, which seems to have the main role during all the 8 episodes. We don’t want to spoil you nothing, it wasn’t very pleasant to see this teen drama, ‘cause she thought it was more like GG, with many tricks but always with an incredible humor, never ordinary, and never with this feeling of fright which seems to be very hard to tolerate during the episodes of ELITE.

The Cast

The main characters are of course Samuel, Nadia and Christian, but also the elite people in Las Encinas, who shape the events step by step. Many actors in ELITE were also in La Casa de Papel, and this is the reason why many people liked this tv series. So, we have the plot, the characters, but.. what do we think about ELITE? Well, it wasn’t of course her favourite tv series, even if she was interested and curious to see and understand it. The truth is that the murder, which should be the main event in this series, became just a secondary thing and the stories among the characters, their relationship, their problems and fears are the most important things in the show.
In one word, ELITE would be described as “ambitious”. Yes, ambitious but not efficient: it wanted to be great and loved but it seems to be a vague story of three friends and a murder.
The last three episodes seem to be interesting, more than all the series, but at the end there’s no real concern, ‘cause all is confused or not focused on the main event of ELITE.

Did you see ELITE? What do you think? What’s your favourite character? Will you see it after this post?
Tell us if love or hate it and give us advices about new tv series to see!

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  1. I saw Elite and I found it insufficient as a series. It could very similar to a young adult written badly and in-depth in the worst way

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