Hi guys, happy Monday!

We are really sure that all of you had a great weekend and we are curious to know… what did you do!?!

Our Mari came back home, to take a break after her university exams and to celebrate her mom’s birthday. She had a great time with all family, she had time to rest and to eat the delicious mains made by her mother and guys, trust in us, Mom Filomena is a great chef <3

Meanwhile in Melbourne, our Serena has packed all her stuff in the few free time that she had after work, and finally last weekend she moved into her new apartment! To celebrate the event, S. had a great dinner with her new housemates: amazing food matched with a good glass of red wine and all ended with a good dessert!

So, both our girls had a fatty-weekend with a lot of cals!!!

It’s Monday, another week is just started and we need to come back to our good habits!

We need energy to start a new week and a new day, and what is it better than a rich and healthy breakfast?!? In Italy we keep saying “Colazione da Re, pranzo da Principe e cena da pover’uomo!” – King’s  breakfast, Prince’s lunch and poor man’s dinner! Following this rule, you’ll have all the energy you need to face the day and in the end of the day you’ll be satisfied and healthy, because you won’t eat execessive cals, which are impossible to burn!

Are you ready to read our rules to have a Perfect Breakfast?

  • It is known that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We all know it, because breakfast turns on tour metabolism: Studies have proven that the people who don’t have breakfast in the morning are incited to eat more during the day, gainig weight. Moreover, a proper breakfast helps our brain during the day.
  • During the breakfast, we can’t forget to drink always something. Drinking is important to reactivate the water, which has been removed during the night. You can choose among tea (prefer green tea), coffee (orzo) and natural juices, also with vegetables and fruits mixed together. 
  • And the milk? It’s a typical drink in Italy. For many people, milk is considered as the only protein source when having breakfast. It’s important to assume other sources of protein during the day, like milk and dairy products (yogurt – skimmed or semi-skimmed). Milk is not just like tea or coffee: it’s a source of protein and energy; When we talk about calories, it’s different because a cup of milk has 160 calories, and if we add a spoon of honey in the milk everyday, we reach 200 calories, half of the daily need in a diet of 2000 calories.
  • If you choose carbohydrates, choose the whole ones: i.e. spelt, rice, oat and orzo flour.
  • One of the most important part of the breakfast is fruit, of course! Above all during the summer, it’s important to eat fruit, even in juices or homemade jam without sugar.
  • If you are a fan of savory breakfast, you could eat cheese, eggs or quiche. An example: orange juice, whole bread and poached eggs. Also fresh fruit or a delicious toast with high quality ham and cheese and whole bread.
  • Breakfast has to be a pleasure: take your time to decide what to eat during your breakfast, better if you take your decision with friends and family!

We hope to have given you some interesting tips to start in the best the day ever!

Have a good week guys and…

Your, myHIPsteria


19 thoughts on ““Colazione da Re, pranzo da Principe e cena da pover’uomo!””

  1. I will keep this in mind, I try to follow this rule but sometimes I eat more at dinner than at lunch and i know it’s wrong, it should be the other way round!

  2. Anche io ho letto che la colazione è il pasto più importante per la giornata – come dici te, per il metabolismo soprattutto – e non manco mai di fare la mia adorata colazione! Caffè tutte le mattine, soltanto che poi mi perdo…. e finisco con una brioche invece che i più salutari frutta e yogurt. Devo rimediare! Ottimi consigli ci hai dato! 🙂

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