And here we are! Again, together, just in case you didn’t know! ๐Ÿ™‚

We wrote:

ย myHIPsteria was born exactly two years ago, in August 2013. From 2013 to 2015, the renaissance of myHIPsteria. A twenty-year friendship has developed into a fantastic partnership, which is aย  challenge that was immediately accepted with greatย  enthusiasm: โ€œWe are ready for this new adventure and to start it together.โ€ – So much time has passed!

If you don’t know us, welcome to our blog! We are Serena and Mariantonietta, or S/ and M__ if you prefer, and we are two italian girls who already had a fashion blog (check it out if you want myhipsteria), but now we want to do more.

Even if we are in two different countries (S, Australia and M, Italy), we decided to bring back our blog on a real website, in order to create our own space, with our adventures, ways of living and more. We’re always obsessed by fashion, as the motto of our website says, but we want to create a blog which is not only about fashion and catwalks: we want to show you new horizons, journeys in other cities and new discoveries with us.

We will talk about wellness, lifestyle, travel and of course, a little bit of fashion will always be part of our hearts. We aren’t fashion bloggers, but we are humans who belong to the world and would like to write something which has to be true and real, for you.

We’re ready to be part of an incredible journey, and you’ll be with us! We are working so hard to let you know all the tips and the news about all.

Don’t forget to follow us on instagram @myhipsteria!
Serena and Mariantonietta, S/ & M_

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